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Spa Mister Diffuser

SKU: $59.99
SpaMister Disperses beneficial aromatherapy oils into a micro-fine mist. It has a 120 ml water tank that diffusers up to 4 hours and cover 250 Sq. Ft.

An ultrasonic oil diffuser that you can enjoy essential oil aromas in your home or office. Runs for up to 4 hours and is cool to touch.

It features 2 setting options: 1 Hour timer and a 2 Hour timer with a Power “OFF” button with just a push.

Works instantly to utilize 60 Hz ultrasonic action to produce negative ions that help purify the air while diffusing essential oils into a mist.

SpaMister adds a stylish look while dispersing, calming essential oils into the air. It enhances the style of a great room, bedroom, and office or a at home spa.

Add just 5 few drops of essential oil to SpaMister's water to turn your space into a safe, relaxing spa for hours. For faster oil dispersion use warm water.

"BPA FREE" (Plastic)

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