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ow Aromatherapy Works - Vol. I - Principal Mechanisms in Olfaction

SKU: $175.00
How Aromatherapy Works:Synthetic and Efficacious Pathways of Essential Oils in the Human Physiology.

Volume I: Principal Mechanisms in Olfaction

8 1/2" x 11" softcover edition, over 600 pages, book weight: 4.4 lbs.

Includes full glossary, references, index - over 100 illustrations and tables.

An in-depth text supported by the latest scientific research on:

How the processes of olfaction through both psychophysiological and pharmacological actions of essential oils affect the mind and brain chemistry.

Emphasizes how odors influence the nervous, endocrine and immune systems and affect health and disease.

Examines olfactory practices and their relation to psychological principles, the mind- body connection.

Relates neuroanatomy of sense of smell with performance, their dynamic mechanisms and biological functions which effect ultimate behavior.

Ideal for teachers, students, practitioners and users of aromatherapy who want a scientific and medical understanding of how essential oils affect health and disease through the sense of smell.

"Awesome!" Aromatherapy Today. Australia.

"... the first interesting writing that's come out on aromatherapy in years ... I have not stopped talking about it since I've received it..." Jade Shutes, NAHA President, Seattle.

"... It is a refreshing change to read an aromatherapy text that has a solid basis in science..." Bob Harris, Author, Editor, International Journal of Aromatherapy, Provence.

"... is written in a precise and easy to follow descriptive style ... often backed up with cause and effect evidence to further justify the text in a self-evident, flowing manner. The comprehensibility of the topic is kept at a reasonable level to maintain easy readability ... thoroughly recommend all readers to consider purchasing this ..." Book Review, International Journal of Aromatherapy, London.


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