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Emotional Support Oils

Emotional Support Oils
Essential oils enhance healing and soothe the emotions. Some Essential oils are “volatile,” which means that they can quickly evaporate into the air. Diffusing them emits a cloud of essential oil fragrance that the sinus cavities can absorb immediately. The inhalation process is more effective than taking herbal supplements in capsule form, since a very small quantity of essential oil, goes a long way.

When the essential oils are inhaled, the "olfactory nerve" registers the pleasant scent; The “limbic system and the brain responds with feelings of relaxation and pleasure. It can affect the subconscious as well as the conscious mind. For instance, when smelling spoiled food, our brain immediately recognizes the danger to the body and we throw it away; perhaps you have experienced a certain smell that reminds you of a wonderful feeling or place. Pure Essential Oils are best for inhalation.

These essential oils are formulated for emotional support. Remember that they may not all smell pretty, but their purpose is to affect and support the emotions. Close your eyes, keep an open and clear mind, smell one of the vials, then after a moment, smell it again. In a short time (from about 30 secondsto 3 minutes) you will probably be able to sense a difference. Keep a small container of coffee handy to smell between each vial test to cleanse the sensory receptors (smell pallet) between checking the various emotion oil vials.

(Some essential oils may burn skin use a carrier such as almond, grapeseed, jojoba, olive oils, lotion, aloe vera, witch hazel, a Foot soak or bath water to apply to skin. Always test on inside of elbow or back of ear lobe for 24 hours. If you have an Allergic reaction, discontinue use. You can try it again by selecting a different carrier and repeat this test. If you have an Allergic reaction, discontinue use. Then It might be best to inhale it or diffuse it instead of on your skin.

(These Emotional Support Oils come in a 45 mm Vial. Larger size bottles are available upon request Contact us 303-788-1614 or 1-866-906-8750.)

(Keep out of the reach of children and pets)

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